About Us

Emporium: noun [em-pohr-ee-uhm] A retail store, especially one selling a great variety of articles.

As our name implies, we offer a LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN.


Today’s world can feel so overwhelming, especially for parents. Penny Lane believes in carving out time for the high-spirited, whimsical and sunny things in life. Belly laughs, bright colors, lollipops and friendly faces. It is this sense of spirit that we celebrate and cultivate…a collective & authentic experience that brings kids and parents together. Shop with us and discover apparel, footwear, accessories, crafts, gifts, novelties and other goodies geared to kids of all ages. It’s always sunny at Penny Lane (at least most of the time). We hope you to feel that warmth as you walk through our door. 



Hi!  I'm Shannon, founder of Penny Lane and a fellow parent.  After a 17-year career in corporate retail, I ventured out on my own to chase a life long dream of owning and operating my own retail shop.  Equipped with a huge support system, industry knowledge and a lot of parenting mishaps, I opened Penny Lane to provide a collective shopping experience for parents AND kids.

I was raised in Chester County and I love this community.  My family is my biggest joy.  Being a mother to my daughters, Lily and Quinn, has been the most delightful, challenging and rewarding experience of my life. Let’s enjoy the sunny side of life together as parents. The days may be long, but the years are short. Let’s have some fun along the way.

Yours in parethood,